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    Default Better than FEMA grant

    Reprinted from the Leelanau Enterprise

    $365,904 donated for fire truck
    October 20, 2005

    An anonymous donor has given Glen Arbor Township some $365,904 to purchase a new fire engine.

    “This is just incredibly good news,” township supervisor John Soderholm said at the regular monthly meeting of the Township Board on Tuesday evening.

    Glen Arbor fire chief John DePuy told the Township Board that a local couple recently made the donation through the private, non-profit Glen Arbor Fire and Rescue Association. The donors’ only stipulations were that the money be used only for the previously-planned acquisition of a new fire engine with no changes to the township’s funding mechanisms – and that they remain anonymous.

    The president of the local fire and rescue association – township zoning administrator and County Board chairman Robert Hawley – said the donation had been placed in an investment account. He said the association stood ready to turn over the funds to pay for the new fire engine.

    Township officials had planned to replace three pieces of Fire Department “rolling stock” over the coming year as part of a planned “capital equipment acquisition” program. The anonymous donation will allow the township to acquire the pumper engine truck ahead of schedule, receive a multi-vehicle discount from the manufacturer, and maintain additional flexibility in the Fire Department’s long-term capital equipment fund.

    At this week’s meeting, the Township Board reviewed figures prepared by a representative of the Halt Fires company of Wixom, a distributor for Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wis., which will build the new trucks. In addition to the new engine, the department will also acquire a $705,000 aerial ladder truck and a $261,000 tanker truck. The new trucks will likely be delivered around September 2006.

    The new equipment will replace an aging engine, tanker and rescue truck currently in the department’s inventory. The old trucks will be sold and proceeds will be returned to the department’s capital equipment fund.

    Soderholm said that even with the donation, the township will still need to finance roughly $1 million to acquire all three trucks. Plans to finance the trucks had been discussed in detail at several public meetings over the past year as part of long-range Fire Department budget planning. The department itself is funded through a voter-approved millage and a special assessment district.

    The manufacturer’s multi-vehicle discount will save the township some $28,000 officials said. In addition, the ability to pay cash up-front for the new engine will reduce its purchase price from $393,000 to $379,000. Combined with the $365,000 donation, the additional $14,000 savings will allow the township to cover the entire purchase price of the fire engine immediately.

    DePuy said the anonymous donation was made by someone “who just appreciates what the Glen Arbor Fire Department does in this community.”

    In a unanimous vote, the Township Board authorized Soderholm to sign a “letter of intent” to purchase the three trucks which the manufacturer must receive by Nov. 1 for the prices to remain firm.

    In other business related to the Glen Arbor Fire and Rescue Department, the Glen Arbor Township Board:

    • Learned that one of the department’s more active Emergency Medical Technicians, Rachel Schaap, was still recovering from injuries she sustained during an emergency call several weeks ago. The department has increasingly been strapped for personnel, particularly volunteers who can work on weekdays, according to Stan Brubaker, chair of the township’s Emergency Services Advisory Commission.

    • Accepted Soderholm’s recommendation to establish a Fire Department Manpower Planning committee to look into the issue of how to keep the department properly staffed in the near and long term. Appointed to the committee were Soderholm, Brubaker, Bill Olson, Bill Batterson, John Kenney, Andy DuPont, and Empire Township supervisor Bill Bolton. Empire and Glen Arbor township joined forces two years ago for ambulance services, forming Glen Lake Rescue. Empire Fire Chief Ryan Deering and DePuy were also expected to attend committee meetings.

    • Adopted a “Cost Recovery Ordinance” that will allow the township to collect payments from utility companies that fail to immediately repair downed lines. Downed power lines require a continuing on-scene presence by firefighters. The fire chief was expected to draft a separate fee schedule that will outline department costs associated with downed power lines. Officials stressed that the ordinance applies only to utility companies, not local taxpayers.

    • Learned that the Glen Arbor Fire Department will receive a $3,400 grant from the National Park Service to procure wildfire fighting equipment. DePuy said the grant would likely be used to purchase special wildfire fighting boots for department members.

    by Eric Carlson

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    NICE! Congrats Glen Arbor
    There goes the neighborhood.

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    well thats no lie ................WAY better than a FEMA grant !
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
    ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS: Will the dead horse please report to the forums.(thanks Motown)
    RAY WAS HERE 08/28/05
    LETHA' FOREVA' ! 010607
    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying much attention for the last 3 hours.....what were we discussing?
    "but I guarentee you I will FF your arse off" from>
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