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    Default Volunteering in orlando(need help)

    I just moved to orlando not to long ago from sarasota, florida. I am a certified firefighter and i also just finished EMT school but i am not certified yet. I am looking for a dept that is looking for a volunteer right now around my area. I have looked, and have had no luck finding any volunteer dept. Can anyony help please????

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    Last time I was down in Disney, I stopped into a fire station (Osceola County FR) & talked with the guys (they were career FF/EMT/PM's)...they mentioned during our conversation that there were very few vollies in their area and that the few that did exist were referred to as "ticks" (their words not mine)...apparently, the vollies only cover the rural areas, their equipment is something along the lines of a pick-up with a skid unit and they have little to no training. The training issue is apparently why they are ill regarded...these guys were not anti-vollie, conversely they said they felt the vollies up north, particularly here on Long Island were very well trained...the guys by them were regarded as backwoods rednecks (again, their words not mine).

    Again, this is just what I have been told. From my years of visiting relatives in FL, I've come to realize that there are very few volunteer fire departments down there. The few there are usually staffed with a paid first-out crew, cover rural areas or are located inside retirement communities...I remember one that covered the place where some relatives retired...the youngest guy on the dept. was about 62 and they ran a '47 Pirsch quad (and a '60's brush truck) as their primary attack engine...and this was in the late 80's!!!

    There are a few top notch volunteer FD's in FL...I've heard the City of Plantation is supposed to be one of the best out there (coupla stations, large number of members, well trained/equipped), think Cape Coral is good also but these aren't near Orlando. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea VFD seems to be well equipped/trained..I believe CaptStanM who posts here regularly is a member there (maybe try PM'ing him for some info). Considering you're a certified FF, if what these guys told me is right, it doesn't sound like the vollie depts. in that area would be of interest to you. Try contacting the various county fire rescue depts. in the area...they would probably be the best source for information regarding "vollying".

    Just my 2 cents...hope it helps...Stay Safe.

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    I hate saying it, but Firerescueguy pretty much nailed it. I was looking at having to relocate from NY to Miami, FL last year (didn't have to, thank God) and did a pretty extensive search, finding very little in the way of volly FD's. I won't venture comment on anything else, except that FL does have extremely strict requirements for interior FF qualifications (not that there's anything wrong with that!), which consequently tend to make it hard on volunteers. I don't figure it's intentional, but those are the breaks.

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    Try Cassleberry, also try Osceola County(Buena Ventura Lakes). Both had volunteer programs less than 10 years ago.
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    Were in Central Fla are you locating? Brevard County has several good volunteer depts located in it.
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    Orange County Fire Rescue has a Reserve division composed of volunteers with various levels of training. Apopka also has a volunteer dept from what I remember.
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