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    Default Hook Selection

    Out of curiosity, for all you truckies out there...

    What's your typical hook selection - personally, or department-wide trend - for:

    1. Hook & can position on a search team (assuming your partner has a set of irons and perhaps a rabbit tool or hydra-ram)

    2. Hook (& can...or saw, depending on your SOPs) position for a vent team - either roof and/or horizontal

    NY hook/pike, Clemens hook, NY roof hook/halligan hook, Boston rake? Others? Note lengths if other than 6'.

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    No truck company in our department, but truck work is usually assigned off the Rescue depending on staffing.

    We do not use water cans as the Chief officers want all fires hit with handlines for safety reasons. Honestly it is very rare that an engine does not arrive first as the rescue is quarted with one of our engines. In fact we don't even carry extingushers on our utility vehicles. The Chief does not want anyone playing "John Wayne" and getting into trouble attacking a fire alone.

    But back to the question .... I usually carry either a closet hook or 4' hook as most of our fires occur in mobile homes and smaller, older houses. If we go to a commercial fire, which is rare I would probably take the 6'. The newer homes i would still probably use the 4', and would probably take the rake as well.

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    Default Hooks

    CAN Man --- 6 ft. wooden New York hook and can
    Roof man and OV-- in my company they both carry 6ft Haligan Hooks (roof hook). In some companies the OV may carry a 6ft woodedn NY hook but that is up to the company I guess. I could not answer as to why that is because I am too junior to get the OV position but I do get the roof and I find that the roof/haligan hook is much more versatile. You can pull/pry and strike with it compared to the wooden hook. Plus the roof hook just has some more weight and strength too it.

    In my volly company we basically to the same exact thing. The only difference is that we don't have any wooden NY hooks so we just use either the roof hook or a regular old pike hook. Unfortunately our roof hooks are made of fiber glass and I'm not a big fan of the fiber glass when compared to the all metal ones however they do get the job done!

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    Can - 6' metal NY Hook.
    Vent - 6' metal NY Hook and Irons.
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    We use the NY roof hook. Like Firefitfyfive said, the fiberglass ones suck, they bend too much. With the steel ones you can do more prying, and it's a hell of a lot more sturdier.

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    Can - 4' Metal NY Hook

    Roof - 6' D-Handle Pike Hook
    When opening up the roof remember plywood comes in 4' X 8' sheets.

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    Roof - I go with a Halligan hook (aka new york hook) in either 6' or 8' with a metal handle

    Can man - Typical "Pike Pole", more formally known as the "national hook" in 6' or longer in a commercial application, with a fiberglass handle, shown on the bottom in this picture.

    OV - Same as the can man above, but typically a 6' length.
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