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    Post Al Qaeda Playing Bingo!

    Funds to keep Bingo money out of terrorists hands

    FRANKFORT, Ky. The federal government is funding Kentucky's effort to keep terrorist out of the statet's bingo halls.

    The state Office of Charitable Gaming won a 36-thousand-300 dollar federal homeland security grant. Officials say they will use the money to guarantee that money from bingo and pull-tab games does not fund terrorism.

    Charitable gaming has more than 13-hundred organizations licensed in Kentucky to raise money through gambling. It raised 51 (m) million dollars in 2003.

    John Holiday is enforcement director at the Office of Charitable Gaming in Frankfort. He says to the best of his knowledge, terrorists do not profit from charitable gaming in Kentucky. He plans to use the grant to provide his five investigators with laptop computers and access to a commercially operated law-enforcement data base.


    I do not see a REAL connection with Kentucky Bingo and terrorism.We must give credit for a nice spin to fund lap tops.I guess there is always a chance BINGO funds could fall into terrorists pockets.Lets all keep in mind however, bingo is a game of chance!
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    I'd like to know how the gaming commission got the money too,when there are beau coup fire departments sorely needing newer gear and equipment getting dear Johnned when they apply for Fire Act grants.
    If you want my two cents on how lottery funs should be spent in state,spend it on primary education before doling out to the colleges.Universities charge to educate people.For the most part, grade schools and high schools cannot unless they are a private school.

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    I don't think they are talking about Terrorists with dabbers hoping to win the jackpot.

    They are refferring to storefront operations used to cash in on the plentiful revenue of lotteries under the pretense of a community charity. This same kind of thing (not usually BINGO in particular ) is done every day in every major city in Canada and the US for groups like the Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other known terrorist groups. Even the IRA had huge fundraising networks over here before the treaty. It is relatively easy for a false community group with good networks and resources, or church, mosque, etc, to set up a charity program that funnels cash elsewhere.

    The laptops would theoretically allow the license inspectors to cross reference who has licences, and for what, and if any of the organizors had records or were on the watch list.

    But I agree that Kentucky would be small potatoes, if even existant, in Al Qaeda's overseas fundraising program, and this looks more like a well dressed grab at some Federal Funds.
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    This is such a sad story, I know it's 'only' $36,300, but this is just a microscopic snapshot of our overall government waste... makes me sick.
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    In Paducah,they'd have to deal with people buying huge amounts of pull tab and scratchoff games to ensure that they get a winner.
    I've had to deal with people POd about the winning ticket already having been sold and whining about"1 in 4.78 games is a winner"more than I think I'll ever deal with an al Queda member irked because he wasn't able to fund a jihad with gambling funds.

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    This issue has nothing to do with the fire service. The grant program is for counter terrrorist activities, not the fire service. The fire service has nothing to do with counter terrorism.

    That said, this is as much of a waste, and as much of a stretch of a "needs" statement as many of the AFG grants. It is a waste of government funds.

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    Ever since 9/11 every man and his dog has been using the threat of terrorism for additional funding. Some has been legitimate but most, like this, is out of control.
    It used to be the threat of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact was inflated and hyped to gain additional funding, before that it was a Commie under everyone's bed, and before that, well I think it was Nazi's or Japanese agents, but nothing approaching this scale. Just another fear that will eventually be replaced when this panic du Jour is replaced by another.

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