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    Default Closeout Questions


    I am either ignorant or just confused by the closeout questions.

    The areas of my ignorance revolve around the 'continued use' portion. Of course we want to continue to use them.

    Here is pertinent info:

    We were awarded for T/O gear, radios, pagers, and a RIT pack system. Not one piece of equipment cost over $5,000 individually. Just not sure how to answer and not get a reply of how to dispose of this equipment.

    Am I really this dumb????

    I got your back

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    For the Equipment Inventory based on the $5000 figure you should click on N/A. The other questions are no longer applicable.

    The same situation with the section for Residual Supplies Inventories.

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    I had the same question. DHS said that if each individual piece wasn't $5k, it didn't have to be listed. I think the only thing we had to list was a compressor. If each air pack was over $5k, then you'd have to list each one individually, but not if the total price for 20 was $60k because they'd only be $3k each.
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