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Shut me up. Im sorry for assuming and not just asking what you meant. I was already a little angry as I had just read a pm by someone on here telling me that if I would have "put in work" to get this job by building up my qualifications I wouldnt be on here bitc*ing about not being hired. There was even mention of me not getting a degree in fire science. Ive thought about trying that route but its just so hard to get back to school with the work I do now while also raising a family. Checking with personnel once a month for years now and seeing my ran number getting closer and closer, I always just figured that when the time came I'd be ok. A foolish thought knowing that nothing is ever guaranteed in life. Well maybe after I see what number I get on this next exam I'll brainstorm options and plans. This job is all Ive wanted my whole life and if I didnt try the medic crossover route or even see if I could get on as a medic than I would never be able to say that I did absolutely everything I could to follow a dream. Sorry agan chiguy and thanks for the well wish's.
No reason to be sorry brother. CFDs process is crazy, everyone agrees!

Good luck, and if you don't get called for your class I hope you can go get your medic and get on that list. Its a lot more predictable.