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    Hi, im new here but have an important question. I am 24 and have wanted to become a firefighter for a long time. I am in a situation now where i have the time to go to the Academy or even join as a volunteer. If i go as a volumteer, i eventually want to get on as a paid firefighter( i know that doesnt happen overnight, if at all) i have family that are firefighters and it is my dream. here is my deal. About 2 years ago, over the coarse of 4 weeks, i lost most of my eye sight. after long medical testing, i was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was put on medication (injections, sort of like insulin)and my vision returned completly. I have not had any problems since and this does NOT affect my work. I can do everything just as i allways had. If my vision was to ever effect me again, its not like it goes out overnight, or even at the snao of a finger. I would be able to catch it and stop it (by a single steriod shot) before it affected me. this would having MS, in my case, would NOT limit me dong my duties. the problem is, MS does not affect everyone the same. Most people are a lot worse than i am, but by having this on my medical record, i am afraid that i would not be able to join. I know i could not join the military. I tried, passed the physical, but was refused by having this diagnosis on my medical record. is this the same with the fire dept? I live in Louisiana if it matters. maybe someone can help me out. I would really appreciate is, this is something that i feel in my heart i want to do. thanks for your time - Joe

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    I am sort of in the same boat you are. I had a bout of Spinal Meningitis when I was 6. That affects different people also. Pretty much the skinny of it is if you have an additional health problem, such as ear infection, sore throat or the like you typically lose that function. For myself it was an ear infection in my right ear and I lost ALL hearing in that ear. There isn't a hearing aid in the world that would help me outside of those cochlear implants. I have been a firefighter for about four and a half years now and it has not hampered me once. Here is my advice to you.

    If you can work through it good, but do not lie about it to people or on an application. I do not consider myself disabled and others think I should so I could reap some benefits but that just isn't me. I work for what I want and firefighting is one of the toughest to get on somewhere as a career. I would probably talk with your doctor and see what he thinks. Never hurts to consult a physician about a strenuous job since he should know your body and your history. I say good luck you ya and remember.....Everyone Goes Home.

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