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    Default Strange Phone Call

    The Chief of a mutual aid department that I wrote an AFG for received a strange phone call yesterday. A represenative from DHS called and asked the same exact questions as the "10 Questions" email did that he answered about 8 weeks ago. The Chief told the rep that he'd already answered these same questions, and she replied that she knew but she "had" to ask anyway. Does this seem strange to anyone or has anyone gotten a similar call?

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    Smile It's All Good.

    Dear chief47,
    It happened to me on the last couple of successful grant awards, though not on the 2005 award. Don't think twice about it, Sir. It's All Good. Congratulations to You!
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    That woudl be the actual FPS tech review immediately preceeding award in most cases. Nothing to worry about, actually a good sign. Just a final part of the checks and balances that they do occasionally.
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