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    Default Georgia Man Faces 200 Years on Child Porn Charges

    Georgia Man Faces 200 Years on Child Porn Charges

    JEFFERSONVILLE, Ga. (AP) -- A Macon man faces a 200-year prison sentence after pleading guilty Monday to child pornography and molestation charges.

    As a result of an investigation that began with an Internet watchdog agency in Ireland, Troy Bennett, 35, pleaded guilty to 24 counts of child exploitation and two counts of child molestation.

    Superior Court Judge Stan Smith sentenced him to 200 years in prison, plus 20 years on probation.

    Dublin District Attorney Craig Fraser said Bennett most likely will never become eligible for probation, and then would only be considered for probation if he agrees to chemical castration.

    The charges relate to more than 10,000 images of child pornography found in Bennett's home in Macon, Fraser said.

    The 24 child exploitation charges are for possession of pornographic photos. The two child molestation charges are the result of photos of two Twiggs County children _ one only 2 years old _ being molested by Bennett, Fraser said.

    The other photos, which came from around the world, depict other adults with children or children alone, Fraser said. Some of the images showed adults having sex with infants, he said.

    ''Those photos would make you turn white to look at them,'' Fraser said.

    The investigation began in Ireland, where Internet activity is monitored for excessive amounts of skin shown in photos. Those photos are then viewed by monitoring agents, Fraser said, and in early 2003 thousands of child porn photos were determined by Interpol to be coming from a location in the United States.

    The FBI was notified, and after examining the pictures, agents saw a television in one photo and noticed a Georgia Public Broadcasting logo on the monitor.

    Bennett, a construction worker, was arrested in March 2003 on Bibb County charges, but investigators then realized that the proper venue would be in Twiggs County because of the child victims in the photos, Fraser said.

    I just thought this was interesting because I havent heard of doing chemical castration on sex offenders before....

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    Default Kill em all, let God sort em out

    A public "beating to death with ball bats by family members of victims" would be more appropriate.

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    That's just F**KING sick! I hope he rots in hell! What kind of disgusting piece of ***** would assault an infant???!!!! Bastard will probably get solitary too, which is a damn shame
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    Ya know, chemical castration is a joke really. A pedophile cannot be rehabilitated and castration will not stop them from molesting children. They are sexually attracted to children and even without the ability to have "sex" they can still molest their victims (I don't think I need to go into the "how" details here). Just as a heterosexual man cannot be convinced that he really likes men, a pedophile cannot be convinced that he really likes adults. They cannot be cured and should be locked up forever.
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