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    Default Brush/Attack Definition?

    As said by many others this forum is a great resource. Thank you to those that spend countless hours reading and posting to make it great.

    I am trying to make a plan for next year and wondered what DHS classifies as brush/attack? Such as tank and pump sizes (min and max).

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    DHS uses the NFPA guidelines for their definitions. If the main purpose is to support structural operations, it falls under NFPA 1901 - Quick Attack. If it's mainly for Wildland Operations, it's under NFPA 1906.

    Usually these are the 1-ton pickup chassis with a 250pump/250tank. I don't have the info right in front of me, but I believe that under the Wildland it can be on the International or Freightliner chassis with larger pumps and tanks. But going along those lines puts you in a larger price category, and depending on your situation, out of the cost-benefit range. Most of the quick attack/brush trucks added foam or CAFS for maximum cost-benefit.

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