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    Default Withdraw old application?

    I was wondering if I needed to withdraw an incomplete old application from 2003 on my profile before I can get any questions? I have not heard a yes or no, so I am hoping no news could still be good news. Please let me know if i need to withdraw that old app. Thanks!

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    I woulnt do that, considering the old 1199 is what they will be looking to update. I did not make a difference to me in the past.

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    If an application is not completed it can't be submited (or even if the system would allow, which in working on this all these years, there are prompts that notify you, if you need to get a section completed, etc ) - if you haven't heard anything by now, then it's a null and void issue, so don't worry about 'withdrawing' since that's not an option. Or maybe a better answer would be, you can't get looked at if your application isn't 100% completed...you must complete the app. 100% then submit.

    The only way to do something along those lines is to decline funds if you are offered them, since the procss is electronic. That's why you get the prompt that says, once you submit, you can't go back, so make sure you are ready to "engage"...
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    The old app is just there for reference. That's why they don't like anyone to change logins when departments change people in charge of it. They relate the application to the login on the back end, so no matter who's name is in the profile as the contact, the same login will always show the older apps.

    They also leave them in there because you can share the previous apps directly with users by giving them permission to see what you did. I've found it's easier to just email/post the narratives, they way they beat on their computer system they're having enough trouble with network traffic once one person posts about getting the questions or 1199s as it is.

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