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    Smile Left over funds for Fire Prevention

    My department is going to have a substantial amount of money left over from our Firefighters Assistance Grant. To the tune of $15K - $20K. We currently do not have a definitive fire prevention program. What I am looking for is ideas that we can use that will benefit our community in the area of fire prevention. Some one tossed around the idea of one of the remote control dalmations in the fire truck that you see at the shows. How much are those and where would you get one??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    If you don't have one already. don't forget the laptop and projector for teaching fire safety classes. Oh yeah, you can use that for regular training too...

    http://www.buyashp.com/flashy.htm is the one. They have other characters that you can put in the truck instead, but I'm partial to the dalmation myself.

    http://www.robotronics.com/catalogs/1.html There's a bunch here. They even have a hydrant that moves. I'd be the guy to buy that and mess with the neighborhood dogs. And they have Smokey the Bear too for you wildland FP folks.

    I'm sure there are more, those are the two that came up first with Ask Jeeves.

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    Hazard House!! With that kind of money, you can get the whole village!


    The robots are great too, but they really need to be used on a regular basis otherwise they don't work and will need repairs which can only be done by Robotronics and it's expensive...
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