These incidents occurred in Reading during October:

----100105: At 1852 hours box 645, 9th & Pike streets, AOF 1321 Moss street. 1 & 2 story 75x200 vacant commercial building under demolition with heavy fire through the roof on arrival. 2nd alarm struck at 1859, followed by the 3rd at 1916. Companies in service with numerous master streams. Fire placed under control at 2144 hours. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M-2,C-2 & 6,E3(safety Co.) 2nd alarm: E13,5,T1,M-1,C-1 & 5. 3rd alarm: E14,L1,C-4 & 9
----101205: At 0640 hours a rescue assignment dispatched for a MVA on Morgantown Road near the fire academy. Companies arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with 1 driver heavily pinned. Victim extricated with hydraulic tools and transported with serious injuries at 0707 hours. A ladder company and additional medic unit special called to assist. Companies assigned: E14,R1,M-3, & C-8. Special call: L1 & M-2
----101305: At 0056 hours box 5, 8th & Windsor streets, AOF 820 N.8th street. 2&1/2 story occupied EOR multiple dwelling, fire 1st floor. Under control time was 0114. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,L3,R1,M-2,C-8,E3(safety Co.)
----101405: At 2011 hours box 823, W.Marion & Weiser streets, AOF 1200 block of N.Front street. Fire in a 2 story frame office inside a large vacant industrial building. Special call an additional ladder company at 2015, with the fire brought under control at 2103 hours. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L3,R1,M-3,C-3 & 6,E1(safety Co.). Special call: L1
----101805: At 1852 hours a still alarm dispatched to the Berkshire Towers @ 777 Court street for an alarm system. Upon investigation, companies encountered heavy smoke on the 7th floor of the 12 story 60x200 occupied multiple dwelling. Box 1618 transmitted at 1858 with the kitchen fire in apartment 706 placed under control at 1910 hours. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E1,T1,C-9. Box 1618: E13,3,5,L1,Sn1,R1,M-3.
----SAME DATE: At 2250 hours on a direct from E9/L3's quarters, box 52, 9th & Marion streets, AOF 1233 N.9th street. 3 story occupied MOR dwelling, fire showing 1st floor rear with extension to exposure 4 (a similar type attached). Fire placed under control at 2319. Companies assigned: E9,11,1,Sn1,T1,R1,M-3,C-4 & 9
----103005: At 0313 hours box 78, Schuylkill Ave. & W.Buttonwood St., AOF 300 block of Schuylkill Avenue. Abandoned truck & debris fire in a vacant lot between two 3 story row dwellings, with a seperate fire set to the rear of a 3 story occupied MOR dwelling @ 318 McKnight street. Both fire placed under control at 0234 hours. Companies assigned: E3,11,1,L1,T1,R1,M-2,C-4 & 9,E5(safety Co.)
----103105: At 0940 hours box 79, Schuylkill Ave. & Jefferson St., AOF 129 Walnut street. 3 story occupied EOR multiple dwelling, heavy fire showing 2nd & 3rd floors with extension to exposure 4 (a similar type attached). 1 female located @ 3rd floor front during searches and removed from the building in full arrest. Victim transported to a local trauma center and pronounced dead. Fire placed under control at 1038 hours. Companies assigned: E3,11,1,L1,L3,R1,M-3,C-1,3 & 6. Special call: M-4
----SAME DATE: At 1436 hours box 87, Ritter & W.Oley streets, AOF 629 Weiser street. 3 story occupied MOR dwelling, heavy fire showing 1st floor with extension to exposures 2 & 4 (similar type attached). Fire brought under control at 1501 hours. Companies assigned: E3,9,1,L1,T1,R1,M-3,C-3 7 6,E5(safety Co.)

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