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Thread: creatine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewelk33
    Thats like another language to me but mad props for all of that swimming stuff!

    Take your vitamin example and think of how that applies to bodybuliders and serious athletes. Supplements are needed because the body cannot produce enough of what it needs to build and repair muscles from serious weightlifting and training. Ya your typical new year resolutioners or weekend warriors at the gym probably dont need to take supplements.

    I see your point now and understand where you are coming from. Thanks for clarifying it.

    And sry about the swimming stuff.

    Sry 101truck, I'm working out the marketing details now!
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    the point of this story is to take creatine, its GREAT.

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    creatine is good. Dont buy the expensive crap though, save your money and get the regular old white powder. All creatine monohydrate is that, creatine monohydrate. The other stuff just has a bunch of sugar. You should take it with protein post workout as well as dextrose/maltodextrine for some high glycemic carbohydrates.

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    In my experience, Cell Tech is by far the best out there! INSANE. It's a little more expensive, but you don't have to load with it. The pumps you get in your work out while on Cell Tech is awesome.


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    Default Good If You Use The Right Stuff...

    The Best Creatine To Use Is Made By Bsn. It's Called "cellmass". You Use It With Their Other Product "no-explode". No-explode Is A Nitrous Oxide/ Creatine Mix That Helps Blood Flow, Increases Strength And Expands Your Blood Vessels With More Oxygen. You Take It A 1/2 Hour Before You Work Out And Take Cellmass Right After You Work Out. You Will Really Feel A Difference Even The First Time You Work Out. My Normal Bench Is 215 Without It And 235 With It. You Can Get It At Every Health Store, But Gnc (gnc.com) Usually Always Has It On Sale.

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