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    Just for the sake of my curiosity, anyone know the hiring process the FD's on the Cape use? I've heard about a mysterious test, but thats all I know... I'm thinking of relocating, and am in the process of "exploring my options"...

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    Sandwich is

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    the Cape is a weird area, Do things that just baffle the mind!! I have heard of the so called test, but from what I have also heard is they hire from there call ranks and then they pick and choose from the so called list. They do have a few Civil service depts, which in my opinion would be a much better deal. Falmouth is civil service, and I also think Yarmouth, but with those depts they also hire alot of Paramedics. Good luck to you.

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    Last i knew the chief in hyannis was in charge of the test. You can call down there and I believe his administrative assistant can help as far as when the test is and the procedure. It's the Barstable county chiefs test. I have heard sandwich is hiring. Also it does seem the rules change now and then

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