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    Default Degree or certification for paramedic confused

    I am an active EMT-B, and curious if I should go on and get just another cert or AAS. I am thinking yes, this will give me another AAS. I then think I can go on to become a physcian assistant. Confused

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    Get the degree. It's only a few more hours and will pay more. It will also put you ahead of the pack for promotions and if you go the PA route, it's a feather in your cap to have it. GOOD LUCK!

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    If you ALREADY have an Associate of Applied Science, getting a second one is not very valuable.

    Most of the paramedic programs that comply with the 1999 DOT standard are offered through a community college.

    This is how we evaluate transfer academic credit for your paramedic training:

    1) Certified Paramedic from a non-accredited program in a non-traditional educational setting. 16 semester hours

    2) Certified Paramedic who completed a CoAEMSP accredited program. 28 semester hours

    See if your program is one of the 200+ CoAEMSP programs: http://www.coaemsp.org/

    I run two undergraduate degree programs that lead to a Bachelor Degree in Health Science. Both are offered through distance education - completely online classes. We require 60 semester hours of transfer credit. The EMS Management degree just requires EMT-Basic certification, the Emergency Paramedicine program requires EMT-Paramedic (state or National Registry).

    It is not cheap, but is an option if your goal is to get a bachelor degree.


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    thank you so much for your time i said it before, but i had not really checked it out in detail. much appreciated

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    thanks again for your help. this time i read each reply and not skim it like before. can't say it enough. thanks

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