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    Default Are we getting gadget happy?

    Having recently getting involved with one of our fire department's RIT companies, gone through the firefighter rescue training, company training, and reading the literature and forum boards it seems to me that RIT should be kept simple. The KISS principle. I see new gadgets, straps, rolling thingies all over and stating how great they are but is it becoming too much? I know that with enough training anything is possible, but when does it become too much.

    Am I off base here or just missing something?

    Please no this tool is great for this and that. Start another thread for that please.

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    There is some great tools out there & I don't think it's a bad thing. However, IMO the initial RIT should carry basic tools (irons, TIC, SCBA, 20 ft. webbing)...get to the downed firefighter fast and established an air supply. Then plan out the rescue and summon additional RITs, if needed, with the special gadgets to get the job done.

    Basic tools can get the job done but sometimes the new gadgets can make the job easier, which is helpful if the FF is unconscious and we have to drag them out of the structure after expending our energy disentangling them. On the other hand, carrying all the gadgets adds more weight and can slow us down, it also might take some set-up time that we might not have. Like anything else, there is pros and cons. We just have to treat each situation differently and evaluate whether the old tools or new tools would better get the job done and avoid relying on the new gadgets as being the only way to go.
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