Trooper in ICU After High Speed Crash
November 5th, 2005 @ 5:18pm
Nishi Gupta Reporting

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper is in LDS hospital tonight dealing with serious injuries after a terrible crash. The trooper was chasing a bullet bike when he lost control on a turn. This morning that trooper went into surgery and he's now in intensive care.

Trooper Jeff Bigler came out of surgery this afternoon, a relief to those close to him, since he was in surgery for almost seven hours. We're told he has broken bones in his lower back and some damage to his neck.

It's hard to believe a person could survive this wreck, but he did. Trooper Jeff Bigler, a 25-year veteran of the Utah Highway Patrol was just doing his job of keeping an eye on the roads. While driving westbound on State Road 14, he noticed a bullet biker headed east whiz by.

Deputy Brent Dunlap, Iron County Sheriff's Office: "He'd indicated that the motorcycle looked like he'd accelerated well over 100 miles an hour, was passing cars in the no passing zone, driving in a real reckless manner."

Trooper Bigler turned his car around and tried to catch up with the bike. Police don't know how fast Bigler was going, but say he was driving too fast to make it through a curve in the road.

The trooper lost control of the car, rolling it end over end. The car was heavily damaged and he had to be extricated.

Police say they interviewed a person of interest, but have not determined if he is the biker. Police also say they're looking for a guy who chatted up one of the deputies at the scene, they think he might be able to help with the investigation. If the biker is found, he could be charged with evading a police officer.