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    Default Volly Retirement Programs

    Can anyone give me ideas for Volunteer Retirement Programs and where I can find info on them. THanks

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    Volusia County, Florida, get in touch with Deputy Chief Van Cade

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    Default Losap

    Length of service award program
    Doug Velting Jr
    President Cassville Volunteer Fire Co
    Fire Exec .com

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    Default State Fund

    NC has a Firefighters and Rescue Squad Workers Pension Fund that's pretty well run. Basically, the department (or individuals) can contribute $10 monthly and after 20 years, and at least 55 years of age, you can draw. It's over $160 per month now. May have to do a search for the info. I don't have a web address for you. Sorry.

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    Default How common?

    How common are retirement plans in volly dept's? Sounds like a good idea, but I have never heard of it around my part of the world.

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    Default Go to any LI Vol FC

    Newday article;

    ....The biggest of these is the Length of Service Awards Program. A state law passed in 1988 and sweetened last year allows fire agencies, with voter approval, to establish their own pension programs for their members. All but about a dozen Long Island communities have them.

    Volunteers who are 55 or older can receive as much as $30 a month for each year of active service, up to $1,200 a month. Local agencies may offer the benefit in the form of lump-sum payouts that could reach $200,000 for a single volunteer in coming years.

    Under the program, fire districts also may buy life insurance policies for members and offer disability benefits....

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