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    Quote Originally Posted by Salman1 View Post
    Yes, it probably was addressed before. Are you going to knock down anyone that jumps on a thread and asks when/where/how to become a firefighter because it was a THREAD 3 years ago? Who cares if it's been addressed before. As long as someone enjoy's posting, let them post. The Fire Service has a constant influx of new people as the... eh hem...OLD TIMER'S prepare to leave...No need to post a comment about an old thread or revisited thread. How about directing someone to the old thread that was mentioned or whatever...?!

    On tactics and stuff,I tend to agree with you because not everyone was online the last time we discussed a given subject.It should be discussed again,especially if someone has a new technique or found an old one and wants to claim it.
    On the subject at hand,I was on a small enough volunteer department that we knew who everyone was and while the officers,assistant Chief and Chief all had their ranks on their lids,we really didn't see a need to let outsiders like reporters know who was what.
    It used to be that the Chief and all officers wore white hats but then for some reason,Chief and Assistant Chief are the only ones wearing white lids now.
    All officers and qualified firefighters wear red helmets,while the rookies and Explorers wear blue helmets so no one gives them a job beyond their training or legal ability.

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    Default Lids

    Chief, Dep. Chief, AC = White
    Capt. LT= Red

    K Dugas
    Duson Vol.Fire Dept.
    FF1 Haz Mat OP's

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    We use black helmets for non-officers, yellow for LT, red for capt and white for chief

    Shields are colored depending on the type of company to which you belong (truck, squad, engine), except all officers are white

    Why? No idea...

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    In our department it's

    Cheifs- (Cheif, Dep. Cheif., Asst. Cheif) White helmets white fronts

    Captains- Red helmets white fronts

    Liutenants- Yellow Helmets white fronts

    Firefighters- Black helmets black fronts

    Probies- Black helmets orange fronts

    Cadets- Black helmets orange fronts and orange stripes

    And idk who said it before in the thread but yea man LEATHER ALL THE WAY!!!

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