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    Glenn Dale Md, Heart of the P.G. County Fire Belt....

    Talking Well............

    As you would expect: "We don't do it that way here" (Sorry, couldn't pass that up) Tradition, Tradition. Anyway, All Officers wear White, Firefighters have a choice of Black or Yellow, Rookies are Red.

    Officers are the point of discussion here, and our system seems kinda simplistic to some folks. That's intentional. Why complicate things unnecessarily? Chief Officers have White Coats, Line Officers have "Brown" or "Tan" (whatever you call the color of that PBI stuff). Some folks will go nuts on this, but my question on Line Officers is "Who Cares?" If I need Engine 182 for a specific job, I'll call them and pass it on. They may have a Firefighter, Lieutenant or Captain in the seat, but whoever it may be will be capable of getting the task accomplished. With almost everyone having a radio, I don't need to see everyone up close and personal, every time I want to communicate an order or seek information. (BTW, The Radios are all the same color ) Our gear is provided by the County, and is lettered as such. The members can have a name or company assignment added to the bottom of the coat, and many do so. As a person with several hats in our County, I find that a "Generic" coat, with just my last name on the bottom, is good enough. (I may be a Volunteer Deputy Chief, a Battalion Chief, or a Division Chief, depending on what shift it is, staffing levels, who's off, and a few other things.) As some of you already know, our system is.... well.... Different. And we think it's the best combination system in America.
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    We are as follows

    White - Chief Officers (Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion Chief)
    Orange - Captain and Lt (Shield determines rank)
    Black - Sgt. (Asst. Fire Marshalls only)
    Red - Firefighter
    Blue - Recruits

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    With the dept getting new helmets we are getting the old ben2's handed down to us. All helmets will be black. Officers will have white shields with blue lettering and explorers will have black shields with blue lettering(?).
    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    With our dept. it is:
    Chief-white helmet and jacket
    Asst. Chiefs-red helmet and yellow jackets
    Capt. and Lts.-yellow helmets, black jackets
    firefighters black helmets and black jackets
    safety officer blue helmet

    Some of is because of tradition, some of it is because it is easier to point out to someone that isn't one of our firefighters to go see the firefighter with the ? colored helmet. We also have a reflective sticker on the back of our helmets with the number of the firefighter and the first name and last name initial, also our dept. intials to help identify for other depts. It is whatever system seems to work for your dept.

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    rookies ( and probationary ff's ) - black helmet with orange tetrahedrons

    F/F's - black helmet with yellow tetrahedrons

    Lt's - same as FF, with frontice piece denoting rank

    Captains - red helmets with yellow tetrahedrons

    Chiefs - white with yellow tetrahedrons

    simple, but it works. its alot easier to just have a rook change their stickers when they make it to FF, than to buy new helmets.

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    Firehouse.com Guest

    Default Colors?

    They all look like this at are FD.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    All above 1010s with leather shield, after 2 yrs service, a FF gets a personalized shield for their helmet
    Probies-Blue 660s

    We use military dog tags for accountability one for helmet, one for truck, one for command board

    And if you burn your stuff down in a training burn you get evil hexes slung at you by the Chiefs and gear people.

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    Firefighter - Yellow helmet/black shield
    Lieutenant - Yellow helmet/white shield
    Captain - Black helmet/white shield
    Chief - White helmet/gold shield

    Juniors and explorers wear yellow helmets with blue tets/reflective striping (some wear salad bowls)

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    There is no "standard" that everyone follows here in Berks County (and if you were from here you wouldn't be surprised by that)...

    In West Central Berks, the following is generally true:

    White helmet = Chief Officer
    Red helmet = Line Officer
    Black or Yellow helmet = Firefighter
    Blue helmet = Junior Firefighter
    Green helmet = some position with no command authority concoted by their company to keep somebody happy (usually a "Company Safety Officer")
    Orange helmet = nobody uses them, other than maybe EMS

    Rumor has it that some EMS squads in the area also issue turnout gear to their medics (for crash scenes, etc.), but since I've never seen any of them actually wearing the stuff, I don't know for sure what it looks like or what color the helmets are.

    There are, however, variations on these color schemes even in the area. Many of us with leathers don't particularly like painting them funny colors all the time, so you'll see a lot of line officers (and even some chief officres) with black helmets and either red or white fronts on them (depending on what front color their company would use with a red or white helmet). Truthfully, the only one that I think really matters is the blue for juniors...we need to know at a glance who is legally prohibited in certain places and functions on the fireground, as juniors are in PA.

    Otherwise, I tend to agree with those who don't see this as a major issue, particularly since we use a function-based ICS here - sections, groups, etc. are assigned to the best qualified/most readily available officer when needed and the rest simply go into the manpower pool. It's not at all uncommon to see an Asst. Chief or Captain - or even a Chief - who isn't needed in a command role on a given incident end up assigned as a nozzleman, or to cutting the roof, or whatever. Bugles (or axes) don't necessarily mean you're confined to command duties around here, as long as all the command duties are covered. After all, everybody's ultimately part of the team, no matter what your rank happens to be.

    As for those who issue colored coats and letter them with ranks - doesn't that get expensive? Officers can shift in any given year around here, for a variety of reasons, and I certainly wouldn't want to have to stock (or buy) all of the gear needed to support color-coding, or especially lettering, the coats.
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    I was a Reserve Fireman for three years at a department where:

    Chief- White helmet & shield, yellow tets
    Cap- Black helmet, red shield, red tets
    Engineers, Firefighters, Reserves- Black helmets, black shield, yellow tets

    I liked this way of distinguishing positions. You could keep your helmet your whole career and just change your shield and maybe some tets.

    Now I am professional fireman where:
    Chief- White helmet
    Captain- Red helmet
    DriverOperator II- Yellow helmet
    Driver/Operator I- Black Helmet
    Firefighters- Black Helmet

    Personally I don't like all the different colored helmets. You also have to get a new helmet when you promote. I think it is an area where some departments might be able to save some money.

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    Firefighter-yellow w/orange front
    Officer-red w/white front
    Chief-white w/white front
    Trainee in academy or at training station-black w/orange front

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    Cool Whole lotta colors...

    In Vegas...

    Chiefs - White Helmets
    Captains - Red Helmets
    Firefighter - Yellow Helmets
    Firefighter/Paramedic - Orange Helmet
    Probationary Firefighter - Blue Helmets
    Explorers - Black Helmets...

    Our fronts go like this...Top Panel - Rank...Bottom Panel - Las Vegas...Middle - Passport tag with the rig you are assigned to that day(E-1)..

    And that just about sums it up...
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    chiefs & asst. chiefs---white
    capts. & lts.-----------red
    probies----------------yellow with blue stripes

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    Default Helmet Designators

    In our mutual aid system:
    Chief Officers = White
    Officers = Red
    FF = Either Black or Yellow
    EMS = Blue

    These opinions are mine and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    Chief = white
    Lieutenants = red
    FF's = black

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salman1 View Post
    Yes, it probably was addressed before. Are you going to knock down anyone that jumps on a thread and asks when/where/how to become a firefighter because it was a THREAD 3 years ago? Who cares if it's been addressed before. As long as someone enjoy's posting, let them post. The Fire Service has a constant influx of new people as the... eh hem...OLD TIMER'S prepare to leave...No need to post a comment about an old thread or revisited thread. How about directing someone to the old thread that was mentioned or whatever...?!

    On tactics and stuff,I tend to agree with you because not everyone was online the last time we discussed a given subject.It should be discussed again,especially if someone has a new technique or found an old one and wants to claim it.
    On the subject at hand,I was on a small enough volunteer department that we knew who everyone was and while the officers,assistant Chief and Chief all had their ranks on their lids,we really didn't see a need to let outsiders like reporters know who was what.
    It used to be that the Chief and all officers wore white hats but then for some reason,Chief and Assistant Chief are the only ones wearing white lids now.
    All officers and qualified firefighters wear red helmets,while the rookies and Explorers wear blue helmets so no one gives them a job beyond their training or legal ability.

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    Default Lids

    Chief, Dep. Chief, AC = White
    Capt. LT= Red

    K Dugas
    Duson Vol.Fire Dept.
    FF1 Haz Mat OP's

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    We use black helmets for non-officers, yellow for LT, red for capt and white for chief

    Shields are colored depending on the type of company to which you belong (truck, squad, engine), except all officers are white

    Why? No idea...

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    In our department it's

    Cheifs- (Cheif, Dep. Cheif., Asst. Cheif) White helmets white fronts

    Captains- Red helmets white fronts

    Liutenants- Yellow Helmets white fronts

    Firefighters- Black helmets black fronts

    Probies- Black helmets orange fronts

    Cadets- Black helmets orange fronts and orange stripes

    And idk who said it before in the thread but yea man LEATHER ALL THE WAY!!!

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