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    Angry Panelist did what, DJ Letter??

    Take a look at this denial letter, read closely! "panlelist scored four elements..." then read a little further, "generally lack in ALL three elements". I thought we had four elements this year, they did too, wonder what would compell them to say lacking in ALL three elements.

    If this kind of mistake is being made in the regret letter I wonder how many mistakes are being made by the reviewers. The letter sounds like an 2004 letter that they simply failed to change, hmmmmm?

    It is not possible for us to provide a detailed account of how each individual application was rated in the competitive process. However, we can tell you that a panel of your fire service peers reviewed your application, and that our analysis is based solely on the scores submitted by the panelists. The panelists scored four elements of your application narrative: 1) clarity of the project description, 2) demonstration of financial need, 3) demonstration of benefits to be derived from the grant funds and 4) affect on daily operations. The peer review panel's scores indicate that your application was generally lacking in all three elements, i.e., there was some information that was useful, but not enough compelling information to be considered for funding on its written merits. A full description of the application review process is included in the Program Guidance.


    Matt Mayer
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    Go to this thread:


    Look at post #52 from BC79. This should answer your question.

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    Thanks for the link so I don't have to retype it all Bugle. But I'll put a little here anyway.

    DJ's are (most likely) created programatically, so it's a bug in the text creation algorithm that recognizes that 3 of the 4 scores are low, so it puts in the sentence with the 3 in it. Odds are testing wasn't completed for every situation, which being the software jockey that I am, it is nothing out of the ordinary. Time is money, so sometimes things get skipped. Many things don't come to light until after deployment of a software application, just because something happens that no one thought of, or a user does something that no one expected.

    - Brian
    Brian P. Vickers
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