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    Default NFIRS With Multiple Stations?????

    Believe it or not there are still departments doing hand written NFIRS reports. BUT, we want to migrate to computers very soon.

    My question: How do we do computerized NFIRS reports from multiple stations? We need to number the reports and make sure the reports are in numerical order based on time of dispatch. Is there a way to put this program on a network? Then can the program automatically number the report the appropriate number. Is that clear?

    What we don't want is sta. 1 responds to a call at 1200. Sta 2 responds to a differnt call at 1215 and that Lt. goes to do his computer report first and gets run #1 instead of the #2 he should have gotten just because he opened the program first.


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    Yes, there are network versions of NFIRS compliant software, one for example is Firehouse Software. You can also get a 1 user version and "cheat".
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    We are currently using Firehouse (6.x) for all fire & EMS reports.
    Before I begin to offer opinion I must say up front that I am a computer programmer by trade so I am a much worse critic in some areas and much more lenient in others than the "average" user would be.

    1) I do not like the "flow" of the EMS reports however part of that problem is having to configure Firehouse to mimic the state OEMS reporting guidelines and data points.

    2) v6 still has a "flaw" in the spell checker that irks the hell out of the programmer in me. I reported it to the sales guys at the FH Expo in '04 but it was too late to make the v6 roll-out so time will tell if they ever fix it.

    As to the numbering of incidents, our dispatch CAD system assigns a number to each call as it is entered in the system and we simply use that number in firehouse. The "catch" is that these are dispatch incident numbers so it includes law enforcement, fire, and EMS all together so you may make Incident #29864 at 12:00 as an Auto Alarm & the next "fire call" at 12:15 may be incident # 29950

    firehouse gives you 2 options here:

    Option 1 is you can install the software on each computer in the station and then over your network (of some type) link them back to a common database (SQL Server if you care). The catch here is you either have to have your own "in house" network or create one over the internet via VPN.
    Both are fairly costly and not the most user friendly solution.

    Option 2 is they make a Web Server version. You simply install the software on your Web Server (which for good security & housekeeping should be connected to a separate Database server) - then you can access your Firehouse server from any PC with internet access.
    There are security measures in place to keep Joe Web Snooper out of your software and you don't HAVE to make a viewable link on your web page to get there. This option may be a little more expensive initially for the software (vs the 3 or 4 stand alone copies) but the reduction in networking cost & support issues are great.

    FWIW - I do not work for any company affiliated with firehouse software nor do I stand to profit if you decide to purchase it.

    Post any further questions you have back here or if you prefer, send me an E-mail or PM me and I'll do what I can to help you out.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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