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    i need some help from anybody that runs a kawasaki mule. were looking into mounting a back board system on the bed so im up for any ideas or pictures. also we are wondering about the charging systems and if it is strong enough for lights and mobile. we are working on it today so any help would be appreciated.

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    Our department operates two Mules. We had a local company custom-fabriate new beds for them which have a full-size ambulance stretcher, locking cabinet for the drug boxes, a swiveling captain's chair, and a canopy to keep the elements away.

    In addition, due to the fact that we use them for EMS protection at very-heavily attended venues (NASCAR races, concerts, etc), we also have them equipped with a 14" Whelen strobe bar on the roof, Federal PA300 siren, a patient-area light, and floodlights. This is off the standard electrical system. Remember that if you want to do emergency lighting, do it with LED ... save power!

    Let me know what other information I might be able to give ya!

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