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    Smile other jobs?

    what are some other jobs, besides private ambulance and volunteering, that a wanna be full-time firefighter can do while he/she is in the candidate testing process to be full time? Any other related fields that a candidate can get into?

    I am just curious to everyones suggestions and experience

    thanks to all that post

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    Default dispatching...

    i would suggest public safety 9-1-1 dispatching. the typical basic class is only 40 hours, some places require you to have emergency medical dispatch which is typically another 40 hours but it gives you expierence in public safety, i think it makes you look more responsible, plus in certain areas you get to know many people especially if you dispatch for a department where you are located in the building.

    and the best part is in some states you can even carry over time earned as a public safety dispatcher to your fire or police pension.

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    I don't know how your department is with CDL but I became a school bus driver part time. I had Fire Chief say that it looks good on a resume, it shows you can handle a vehicle like the trucks in use today. Carpenter is also a good job or electrition, it would give you an understanding of building codes, structure measurements and wiring hardware. I don't know if this helps but good luck

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