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    I am a carrier FF going on 2 years of service. Our dept is struggling with a few situations in regards to compensation and I would like any input.

    Here is the current situation.

    Our City(cs board) has a 12 grade 20 step pay scale. We have this payscale posted. We work 24 on 48 off with kelly days every 19 shifts, which means we avg 53 hr/week. This is where things get dicey.
    We are a small Dept that pages out structure fires and MVA's with entrapment for manpower. Off-duty response is not mandatory.

    I will use my pay as an example here to explain how we are being paid.

    As I stated earlier we are at the Station 53/hr a week avg, but our pay is the figure listed on the payscale x 40. So where I fall in the payscale I make 10.25/hr. I am paid 40 x 10.25 = 410/wk.

    As I stated earlier we page for manpower. We also work OT shifts to maintain minimum staffing to keep all our stations open with 2 men. The city calculates my OT rate quite differently. They take the 410/wk and divide it by the 53 hours I work to come to a figure of 7.73/hr. Then mutiply that times 1.5 so my OT rate is 11.60/hr.

    Now I wear a black hat so I am paid to work not to think, but....The best I can understand the FLSA is that as long as we don't go over 216/hr per 28 days they don't have to pay us OT.

    But correct me if I am wrong.....They do have to pay that first 53 hrs at our listed base pay. Then if we work over 53/wk they pay us our listed rate x 1.5. I guess a secondary question here is ...Even though we are 7k exempt they still have to list us at an hourly rate not try this salary BS they claim.

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    I am far from an expert on FLSA.. but I can see by what you posted that you are getting screwed!
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    One question first are the firefighters in the IAFF? If they are, it is a great resource for labor questions.

    We recently went through our first contract and learned alot. We also work 24-48, but are based on a 56 hour work week without a kelly day. I'll use my pay as an example. The first 40 hours I work are at $12.177/hour. Any scheduled overtime (regular work week) is at $18.266/hour. Any extra overtime on non-scheduled days are at $31.460 an hour.

    This is from our contract how it works with FLSA I am not certain. Your stated might have some other rules and regulations that might apply. Someone could always contact your state labor board and have them look at your pay. I'd form a IAFF local first so that you would have some backing if it gets ugly. Good luck to you.

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