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    Question Flooding Down Under?................

    Our TV News had some shots of Flooding after a prolonged heavy rain in Australia (I didn't catch what part) so I wanted to check on you folks down there, PattyV, StillPSFB, and others. You guys doing OK?
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    All is fine here Harve, but thanks for the thoughts. I'm not sure where the flooding was either, but that's hardly surprising given that the whole nation is wrapped up in World Cup Football (Soccer) frenzy as we take on the arch enemy Uraguay for a place in the World Cup finals in Germany next year - there's been virtually nothing else on the news the last few days - the arrest of the terrorists was just squeezed into the news bulletins. First match is tomorrow morning Australian time in Montevidao. We hate the Uraguans with a passion after some rather dirty tactics last time, so the whole country is out for revenge on them. Second match is Thursday in Sydney.

    Here's hoping that we can make it this time, after heartache at the last two attempts in 2002 and 1998.
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    The flooding was in rural NSW, long way away from me, but thanks for the thought harve.

    Well they have been praying for rain for the past 4-5 years. God life is ironic/tragic.
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