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    Default Need help on a communications question!

    When I was finding all of the information I could on communications equipment, APCO 25 standards were mentioned in several sources. Me, being communications/technology challenged, thought that was a good thing. I didn't realize that the costs were going to be so far out compared to regular prices.

    When I began filling out the request for details section, I had indicated that all portable radios purchased would be APCO 25 compliant. I then sought out price guesstimates from area vendors and realized that APCO 25 items were going to be through the roof and went for "regular" radios. When I wrote the narrative, I omitted the APCO 25 references and indicated I was still within the state's communication plan. However, I neglected to go back and ammend the previously mentioned APCO 25 items in the request for details section.

    My question is: Can I just go ahead and buy portable radios that are not APCO 25 compliant, but are in the price range I had indicated on the request?

    I've tried contacting the grants person for my area but have not had any luck yet. I'm ready to purchase but want some clarification on this item first so I don't get us in doo-doo. I can write an ammendment to my original proposal if needed I guess...

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm sure Brian, Kurt or Alan can tell you for sure. However from what I have picked up here, thanks all. If that is what you applied for then that is what you have to get. You would be able to change brand of radios but still have be “APCO25". As an example. If you said you wanted PBI Brand A turn out gear. Then Found out that you could get Brand C at a better price, you could only buy it if it was PBI. They gave you the award with APCO25 if you change now you could risk whole grant. You may have to see about change in price. Talk with the grant hotline. Wait to see what Brian, Kurt or Alan have to say they are the experts.
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    I hear what you're saying, however, I disagree with what you say about specifying a certain brand. If you go with "Brand C" turnout gear instead of "Brand A" that you specified, you are still withing the scope of your project.

    What I'm not sure about is the APCO 25 compliance need. Like I said, I'm not too up on the communications information. APCO 25 was something I came across when researching for the grant, but I forgot to take it out of the details portion once I realized that APCO 25 was something that this small department was not really in the need to acquire for the number of calls it receives. With basic radios, we will still be able to talk to those departments/agencies in our area and will still have the statewide frequencies in our radio systems. From what I understand (and I could be wrong again) is that APCO 25 is information/patent sharing between manufacturers on certain models of radios.

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    Actually guys it is the APCO / P-25 Suite of Standards compliance that you are referring to. These standards were set to ensure "interoperability" with not just your locals agencies but State and Federal agencies involved in large scale critical incidents, hence the "interoperability" language you see so commonly used. After all, is is supposed to be an "interoperable communications" project that they are funding.

    You had to be asking for P-25/APCO complaint radios to gain the priority or you had to show that your State has waived that requirement in their State Homeland Security Response Plan.

    The general rule of thumb is, you have to buy what you said you were going to buy or, you have to have a formal amendment to the grant. This is a question you shoud not stop asking of your FEMA regional FPS. If you cannot get a response from them in your local regional office, go over their heads and call Washington DC.

    You should NOT buy anything until this issue is resolved "in writing" for you from DHS. You have a year to buy with, don't get in a hurried rush to "get the gear". Do it right, or face the consequences.
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