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    Can anyone give me some history on Grove Aerials? Are they still in buisness?

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    John Grove sold the aerial division off to focus on his growing crane buisness. After it was sold the name was changed to Ladder Towers Inc. (LTI). It has had several owners since the Grove days with Freightliner being the current owner. (I know wait and see who's next)
    Grove cranes are still made under the name Grove World Wide. John Grove when on to start another company after leaving Grove called JLG, they make sicissor lifts. Mr Grove passed away several years ago.
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    We had a Grove that was built in 1969 I believe. It made it until just a year or two ago, and was rock solid the whole time. Just missed passing UL cert due to a slight twist in the ladder, and I'm not convinced that wasn't caused by a repair error when a lift cylinder was replaced. Either way, its gone now.

    Can't recall what the tip load was, it wasn't prepiped, etc. - but every time I climbed it, it swayed and moved a lot less that some newer stuff does now. It was a great rig.

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