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    does anyone know were you can find a list of grants for north carolina rescues

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    NC Rescue Squads (and other RS's) can apply for the AFG in the Spring ( ) there you can find links for the Program Guidance and FAQs and other valuable information.

    There are also several other state level grants you may qualify for, let me do a little research. I have worked with several other NC RS's that applied for AFG. The biggest hurdle in their application process compared to FDs is the lack of records. Most RS I have spoken with or worked with have more difficulty coming up with the necessary info - call volume, budgets, etc. in a timely fashion when you're in the middle of a tight deadline. As they don't report to a central location like the FDs do to NFIRS.

    That's why it's better if you're looking into funding, start on this grant NOW. Prepare yourself for the process, read up on it, study everything you can, get your files in order, make sure you can put your hands on all the statistics you need.

    The forums are one of the best tools you will find for answers to your questions, as well...if you have any questions, feel free to post or drop any one of us a line.
    Alana Tomlin Denton
    Freelance Grant Writer/Consultant

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    USFA also puts out a publication called Funding Alternatives for Funding Emergency Services., Publications link. I don't have the exact document number, but just search for 'Funding Alternatives' and it's about the only one. It is in need of updating, but I'd say 90% of the list is still valid. It details all available Federal, State, and private funding available for Fire & EMS departments. AFG is the biggest (if you can call 2% of the funding big), but also Firemans Fund Insurance runs a program that funds just about anything.

    I'll be in Shelby NC next month, but Alana is more likely to be in your 'hood on a regular basis since she's the NC representative at-large. All three of us (add in Kurt) are just a forum post or an email away.

    - Brian
    Brian P. Vickers
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    Westlake VFD - Houston, TX
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