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    Angry Saw this on the news...


    Man, there are some truely disturbed people living on this earth...

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    Here is another site that is just plain garbage...can be found on that site...


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    The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas is just a hate group preaching their garbage under the guise of "religion"... and bad religion at that.

    I think it would behoove the IRS to really check up on their funding sources, as they seem to be able to fly their hatred wielding sycophants out on a moment's notice to protest at funerals and such. Anybody who has ever had to book air travel on short notice knows it's damn expen$ive!

    If we ever had an LODD and they showed up... I would find a way to embarass them in the national spotlight. Screw 'em!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThNozzleMan
    Why? Because we are firemen. We are decent human beings. We would be compelled by the overwhelming impulse to save an innocent child from a tragic, painful death because in the end, we are MEN.

    I A C O J

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    GOD HATES THE WBC!!!!! IF I WAS ON A TRIAL JURRY for someone who murdered fredrick phelps, I would find the party NOT GUILTY FOR GETTING THE POS out of this world. I hope that none of their homes catch fire, because no-one would give a rats arse. NOthing makes me angrier ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!.

    THIS MAN is just like hitler. He says that god hates homosexuals, so what is his solution? Genocide is his answer. THe world hated hitler and stomped him in the nuts, the world will do the same to you fred phelps!!!

    The most ironic thing would be if a tornado hit the WBC and took all of them out, I would love to see the response to that! (after the comments they made about the indiana twisters)

    And to rolling thunder, You guys have 110% of my respect. Thank you from keeping the WBC from desecrating the military funeral services.

    RANT off
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