Hey Brothers!

I was wondering if anyone on here is from my hometown of Hanson.

I rode my first fire engine there as a kid in the 60's, sitting atop the hosebed, lights and siren blaring, rolling through the streets of the town. This was the tradition on the opening day of Little League Baseball season.
That's what planted the first seed that made me want to be a fireman. I finally joined the fire service some 20 years later!

I haven't lived there since 1972, that's probably before most of you guys were born! I was up there for a visit in 2001 and stopped in at the main station across from town Hall for a visit.
A lot had changed over the years, but a lot is still just as I remembered it...Including the house I grew up in.

My heart is still there, and i will always consider it "home", even if I've been transplanted a time or two.

Stay safe Brothers!