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    Smile firefighting freak needs to find someone to talk to

    Hi, I live in Minnesota, and I go nuts over firefighters, police officers, and paramedics. I really need someone to talk to. Perhaps a firefighter might be the right person today. I'm looking forward to making friends with firefighters. Anybody can feel free to talk to me. My profile is somewhat bare, because I can't really afford to pay for the wow, whole shebang thing. I'll tell you what you missed. I am 5'4 and weigh 240 (I'm workin' on it). I'm a blondie, and my eyes are either green or blue. Most important I don't know if I can become a firefighter because I have epilepsy. Please tell me your input. I'd be most grateful.

    Mel from Mpls, MN

    P.S.:I am 21 years old.

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    I come from The Land Down Under!


    Hi, I live in Minnesota, and I go nuts over firefighters, police officers, and paramedics.
    Go nuts like psychotic and want to shoot them or what?

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    I love them. My sister is gonna be a cop. I have a friendship thing with about 8 firefighters at my local fire station. I'm not psycho. As for the EMTs I have had oh probably three, maybe four trips in an ambulance. I find EMTs, the ones that I've met anyway, nice and comforting and well the guy in the back was cute.

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    Default Hi

    Hello and welcome from New Jersey.

    Have you ever thought about becoming an auxillary to a
    fire dept or ambulance corp. Not all the work gets done
    on the streets, and most Vol. dept are in need of help too.

    Most of the Firefighters, Police officers and EMTs are great people.
    As you know they give alot of themsleves.

    Well see you around the site

    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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    You sound like me, someone asked me what I look for in a man and I said "paramedic/firefighter/police officer". I'm a volunteer firefighter and I plan on going to Paramedic School in September 2006.

    All fire departments are different. My department is very small and we do not get many calls but we definitely are in need of more members because we have an aging group. I'm 19, so I'm the youngest, the next youngest is 36 and then goes right up to 72 years old or more. We also have many fundraising events, especially in the summer, and it's hard to get our members involved with those so we need help from people in the community. There are also fire constables, we have two and that's pretty much all they can do, they direct traffic but that is definitely really important at a fire scene.
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