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    Default SCBA standardization

    I've been hearing that nfpa wants to make all scba's standard? Is this turn and can anyone post further details. My department just purchased brand new MSA Firehawk SCBA's not even 2 years ago...

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    Search around the forums and you'll find more discussion on it. They (at this time) were not looking to standardize SCBA's, only the bottles. Interchangeable bottles that would work on all scba's.

    and it wasn't NFPA, it was FEMA.
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    Well granted if they make the bottles a standard form, then the criteria of the scba would not meet the specs for use with the new bottle making that junk unless manufactures are looking for a way to make upgrades to them. Regardless I feel bad for depts like NYC that have a huge number of packs in service...

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    Here in New Hanover County NC all five County volunteer departments Ogden, Myrtle Grove, Federal Point, Castle Hayne, Wrightsboro and the New Hanover County Fire Service (Sta 51) have gone to MSA Fire hawk’s with 45 minute bottles. The City of Wilmington uses Drager SCBA’s

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    Unhappy NFPA 1981 - And then there was the baby blue bottle!

    This article was emailed to the Baldwin County Fire Chiefs Asso. members! And yes we are concerned due to the fact that we just ordered some new scba's with the standard extra bottle! And we were looking to order some more next year. The funny thing is that the reps selling various scba's in our area were unaware of this upcomming problem! rest assured they know now!
    Anyway read the entire article and let me know what y'all think!
    Captain Steve Williams

    FEMA Wants All SCBA Replaced
    by C. Peter Jřrgensen

    “We’re from the government and we’re going to make all your SCBA obsolete and non-NFPA compliant.”

    “Don’t worry; we know what’s best for you. Just because you are located in Frackville, Pa., or Blackfoot, Idaho, don’t think you won’t be the next target for a terrorist attack.”


    Nope. A proposal by the InterAgency Board (IAB) for Equipment Standardization and InterOperability, which several people thought had died long ago, is about to be forced down the throat of NFPA in October. Under the plan, all Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) will have to use the same universal air bottle.

    Baby blue bottles for everybody; whether you want or need them or not.

    Although the “public comment” period won’t open until December to run through March 2006, the IAB is confident its planned change to NFPA 1981 will be adopted and is on schedule for “Mandatory Compliance” in August 2007.

    Note: This is Part I of a two-part story on proposed changes to NFPA 1981. Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine will publish comments from readers and fire chiefs received before our their next issue.

    Etc... anyway go to firemagazine.com for the full story

    You can go to this thread for alot of info from fellow firefighters!

    Firehouse Forums - Firefighting Discussion > Firefighting > Firefighters Forum
    All SCBA's to be obsolete in 2007?
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    Sounds to me like a certain group has WAY too much power...
    Giggity - Giggity!

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    Wink The rest of the story........

    Trying to justify their reason for being, and deciding what's best for us without gathering all the facts looks like another one of our govt enity's snafu's. Anybody for a $400.00 hammer or maybe a $4000 pick axe? (but only if it's in baby blue!) LOL

    Now read this for those of you who didn't check out the other thread!

    IAB Response to Fire Apparatus Magazine Article titled

    “FEMA Wants All SCBA Replaced”

    RE: NFPA Standard 1981 on SCBA cylinder interoperability

    Fire Apparatus Magazine recently published a story titled "FEMA Wants All SCBA Replaced." This article included several misrepresentations of the issue. Robert Ingram, Chief-in-Charge, FDNY Haz-Mat Operations and Chair of the InterAgency Board (IAB), responded to this article with a letter focusing on several items from the article in order to better inform the first response community. Major points are itemized in the document below. The article states that responses and comments will be published in the next issue and the IAB looks forward to the publication of Chief Ingram's letter clarifying Mr. Jorgenson’s statements.

    Bulleted Items and Clarification
    Letter to Fire Apparatus Magazine
    IAB's Original Letter to NFPA

    The response by IAB is located here as a pdf file.

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