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    Default Question for you experienced guys..

    I recently graduated the fire academy with my Fire 1&2, and hazmat awareness a month or so ago. I just obtained a position with a very large private hazmat, pollution control, and industrial cleaning company. They have started me at 14/hr, with full blue cross benefits, and anywhere from part-time to all the hours I can handle if I want. The job tops out at about 20-22/hr. I am in the process of completing my EMT-B and will then go on to complete my medic immeadiately. They are going to provide training for me to recieve my hazmat tech, high angle rescue, and all other kinds of rescue training. My official job will be "stand-by rescue", but I will also work as a safety officer, as well as have the opportunity if I so desire to perform hazmat tech duties as well. My question to you experienced guys that are further down the road in your career is, do you think that this is a good opportunity to gain some solid experience for the time being. I am a younger guy (23) and look at this to be a decent opportunity for now, although I do want to move on to a Fire Dept in the future. Also how is this pay compared to a reg Fire Dept? Thanks for the wisdom in advance....

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    The pay sounds equivalent, depending on the avg wage in your area. FFs in the south can make $25K, while those in CA can make $100k. It sounds like a great job for gaining some experience and making decent $ while you try to get hired. Don't get your hopes up, the job probably won't be nearly as exciting as you think it will be. The most important thing you can do to help you get on an FD is get your medic.

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