Fire Officials Ask for Help with Arson

This weekend marks the opening of modern rifle season in Kentucky, which means thousand of hunters are heading out to the woods.

With wild fires raging across the state, many hunters are being asked to keep an eye out for arson activity.

Officials are calling this the worst forest fire season since 2001, and find themselves working around the clock to control the blazes.

"The last two to three weeks, we've been getting quite a few fires. And it seems to be getting worse as November moves along," said James Madden, a forest ranger technician.

"With a lot of deer hunters out there, they can be a tremendous help to us if they see anybody out there or suspect anything to give us a lead," said Herman Slone, a district forester.

Forestry officials ask anyone who sees suspicious activity to call the arson hotline. That number is 1-800-27-ARSON.