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    Question Dial 211 ? In Kentucky for non-emergency help!

    No Emergency? Try A 9-1-1 Alternative
    Nov 14, 2005

    If you're in need of specific services in Madison County,Kentucky but it does not involve an emergency, you'll be able to dial "two-one-one."

    The 2-1-1 system is being implemented in Madison and eight other counties by the United Way of the Bluegrass, a non-profit organization that funds more than 200 programs in health, safety, learning and community-building in the region.

    A pilot program for the service was launched in Clark County in June.
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    Thats an intresting one, in Ohio, at least southwest corner you can dial 5-1-1 for Artimis traffic report and get the "good samatrian" van to come out. Each driver of the vans is a fully certified ASE manchiac and EMT. They respond to traffic accidents, medical emergencies and breakdowns/lockouts on the highway or entrance/exit ramps. Those things have more amber lights than a christmas tree.

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    We have trucks like that here but they are Sheriff's Deputies and I don't think they are ASE Certified lol.

    There is also a 3-1-1 here to report city problems such as street lights out, utility problems, road hazards etc.....
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    Chicago also has a 311 system for non emergency reports and other miscellaneous city admin stuff.

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