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    Question looking for help regarding ems systems

    To all that may be interested in helping:

    Myself along with a group of 4 other students have been assigned a research project as a part of our paramedic curriculum. The project requires us to design an EMS system, which follows the general outline presented by Dr. Sayah in an article that can be seen on eMedicine's website:


    The system we have been given to design is based on the following criteria:

    Your Consultant team has been assigned to develop an EMS System for the city/town described below. You have been charged with developing an implementation plan and will be presenting this plan to the municipal government for the city/town that has been assigned to you.

    Your completed project should consist of a comprehensive written document, a power-point presentation, and any other pertinent materials that you feel should be presented.

    The criteria that should be part of your proposal include, but are not limited to:

    • Manpower
    • Training
    • Communications
    • Critical Care Units
    • Public Safety Agencies (interaction)
    • Consumer Participation
    • Transportation
    • Access to Care
    • Disaster Planning
    • Emergency Facilities (interaction)
    • Mutual Aid
    • Recordkeeping
    • Public Information and Education
    • System Review and Evaluation
    • Medical Control
    • System Finance

    City / Town Information:

    Your community lies 150 miles from the nearest city, and most of the population are farmers and migrant workers shipped in seasonally. The permanent population of the town is 3000 full time residents. The feed store at the end of the dirt road sells not only feed but any pesticide that a farmer may need (including not so legal stuff). The nearest Level 1 Trauma facility is 150 miles away in “big- city” , you do have a community hospital (level 2) that lays 75 miles outside of your town borders. The municipal government consists of a part-time town manager and is governed by town-hall type meetings. The funding for your system will come from a federal grant for Rural EMS development which you will submit along with your proposal. (not a separate assignment but you must convince the town and the federal govt. that your plan is feasible). Surrounding your community are plenty of cows and small communities such as the one you are working with now.
    This is the only information that will be provided regarding your city, any information provided above may not be amended, however anything not included in the description can be created and added to the scenario (within reason).

    Overall, we have a good idea of how we would like to go about this project, however we would like to solicit for any information that anyone could provide regarding their personal system that matches our system.

    Thank you for any help you may provide.

    Feel free to email me at:


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    e mail this to me at fndemhotlevitwet221@yahoo.com. I have the original plan from the county EMS service which was created about 10 years ago. Yes that was a long time but it still has information you might can use. Also I have our NEW EMS service agreement papers. These are for BLS only but might can help.


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    From GWU EHS 170: EMS Systems Design.

    Rural Assistance Center: EMS http://www.raconline.org/info_guides/ems/

    US Health and Human Services (April 2002) Rural Communities and Emergency Preparedness. 19 page, 187 KB Adobe Acrobat document.

    Brown, Khanna and Hunt. Rural vs. Urban Motor Vehicle Crash Death Rates: 20 Years of FARS Data (Jan-Mar 2000) Prehospital Emergency Care

    McGinnis (2004) Rural and Frontier Emergency Medical Services: Agenda for the Future National Rural Health Association. 116 page, 1376 KB Adobe Acrobat document

    Williams, Ehrlich and Prescott. Emergency Medical Care in Rural America. (Sept 2001) Annals of Emergency Medicine. Five page, 71KB Adobe Acrobat document that looks at the physician side of rural emergency medicine.

    Good luck.

    If you are interested in obtaining an undergraduate degree after you have completed paramedic school, check this thread out:


    Michael J. Ward
    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
    Emergency Health Services Programs
    The George Washington University
    (202) 741-2945

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