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    Default PA Ice Rescue & Emergency Responce Class

    If you have questions about this class you may contact me directly at Btracey60@verizon.net

    Ice Rescue & Emergency Response

    Purpose: Ice Rescue and Emergency Response is designed to survey the concerns associated with ice rescue and give the individual an idea of what is expected of a rescuer in an ice environment. The rescuer will realize the danger and difficulties associated with ice rescue, focusing on the need for planning and training. The course provides students with as much hands-on training as possible.

    The course will include both classroom and practical sessions. Students will be required to enter the water/ice during the practical sessions. Successful completion of all classroom and practical sessions as well as a written test is required for students to receive their certifications. Class may be subject to cancel due to not having adequate ice conditions.

    Date(s): February 4 & 5, 2006

    Time(s): 8:00 am 5:00 pm (both days)

    Location: Goodwill Fire Company - Jacobus (Station 18)
    1 South Main Street
    Jacobus, PA 17407

    Instructors: Brad Tracey Todd Stahl PA Water Rescue Instructors
    Bob Reilly Joe Perugino PA Water Rescue Instructors

    Contact: Todd A. Stahl; TAStahl@suscom.net
    Mail registrations to: Todd Stahl, 4469 Cedarwood Drive, York, PA 17402
    (717) 755-4231 (Home) (717) 801-9272 (Mobile)

    Cost: No Cost Pre-Registration is required, No Walk-ins

    Sponsors: Bucks County Community College, Goodwill Fire Company and PA Fish & Boat Commission

    Prerequisites: Water Rescue & Emergency Response, (Old Phase 1)
    18 years of age (must show proof of both)

    Equipment needed: Dry Suit or Ice Rescue Suit, Water Rescue Helmet, Personal Flotation Device (Type III), Change of Clothing

    Breakfast & Lunch will be available for purchase, both days

    Registration Form

    Ice Rescue & Emergency Response 2006

    Company/Department Affiliation:____________________________________

    Last Name___________________ First Name_________________________

    Address___________________________________________ ________________

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    City____________________________ State_______________

    Home Phone___________________________ Work Phone _______________

    Email Address______________________DOB: Month___Day___Year_____

    Student Signature _______________________________________________
    (Registration not complete without signature)

    Stay Safe,

    Brad L. Tracey, Deputy Chief
    Lake Clarke Rescue, Station 60
    Wrightsville, Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania State Water Rescue Instructor Trainer
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