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    Default Fitness equipment in your Halls??

    As a part of the Health and Wellness committee for our department we are in the process of trying to acquire equipment for our stations. I would like to throw the question out there to all of you to ask "What kind of equipment does your fire department currently have and what has worked the best for your firefighters??" Any recommendations on equipment that has been good and bad would be appreciated. Thanks for everyone's help.

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    We just got a versaclimber. That thing kicks my butt. Only problem is the price tag. Other than that we have a pull-up/ab tower and a jump rope. We had more but was taken oos for safety reasons. We hope to get more down the road but I am sure it will be a while. I must say though that the versaclimber is a good all around piece of equipment. It gives a cardio and slight musuclar workout.

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