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Thread: Gemtor Harness

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    Question Gemtor Harness

    Anybody know if there are requirements for the use of the Gemtor Class II Safety Harness? Particularly in New Jersey. I have heard requirements ranging from High Angle rescue, to Confined space are needed to wear the harness.

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    I can emphatically state there are no requirements in the State of NJ to wear a Gemtor harness. As for requirements on a class 2 harness for certain operations, I'd willing to be there are (but not Gemtor specific). My question though, why would you NOT want to?
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    no matter what if you get one take the class on how to use it properly! has anyone heard yet when their supposed to be coming out with that triple locking carabiner though? that autmatic closing one is a piece of garbage and could get you seriously hurt.

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    No certs that I know of to wear one. To use it as a harness for the scenarios you suggest (confined space, etc) you would need the certs for that specific area which would probably address it.

    As for wearing for personal escape reasons, I don't know of any certs out there. Just train on it until you are comfortable that you could operate under extreme conditions. For personal escape reasons, even using it wrong could be potentially better than nothing since your toast if you don't go. Not saying that theory is at all correct, but just an observation. FYI, those of us who do have them also have varying levels of rappel/high angle rescue training which I would recommend, but as for requirements I don't know of any.

    I don't have a Gemtor but a bunch of us have harnesses from other mfg's integrated into our Turnout pants via loops on the exterior. We train on it specifically at a minimum once every 6 months but usually whenever the circumstances allow, we integrate it into the training - just remember its TRAINING... use a safety rope in addition to your primary rope to reduce the injury risk.

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    What class is this you speak of? Are there any tips to the Gemtor Harness??

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