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    Default A class act...

    I just got back from a retirement party for our former Fire Chief, John T. Kyle.

    He recieved accolades from the State Senate, the House of Representatives, the many Chief's organizations in the State as well as the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts and the IAFF.

    John was the Union President when I came on the job., and he rose through the ranks.

    Something was revealed this evening...

    Even after he was appointed Chief of the Department, he continued to pay dues to the Local. Every month he would give a check to the Local. He didn't forget where he came from.

    As former Union President and MC Bill Taylor stated...

    "we could have a heated discussion about a grievance.. and then after work go out and have a cold beer together..."

    Thank you, Chief... enjoy your retirement!
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    What a wonderful man. It's always nice to see people remember where they came from, it certainly doesn't happen as often as it should. It sounds as though you and your colleagues were blessed to have known and worked with a man such as this. I sincerely hope he enjoys his retirement, he deserves it.
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    Default well said, brother

    sounds like a class act.. hope he has a long healthy and safe retirement. ya cant say that about too many chiefs anywhere

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