Hello All:

I'm an active firefighter in the northeastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.

I first joined Summit Hose (Tarentum, PA) as a junior firefighter in 1972. Yep, that was in the days when we had open cabs and four guys standing on the back of the rig, holding onto a bar for dear life, and feeling every pot-hole the driver hit! Much has changed since then.

Although I'll still respond as needed and do what I can, especially considering my age, I'm mostly writing grants, arranging other financing, doing computer programming, web sites/web hosting, and general administrative consulting for VFDs.

Please visit http://VFD-Funding.com I finally decided to put this site up in the past few weeks, given the number of VFDs who have contacted me for help. Perhaps I can help your VFD too.

While your at my new web site, check out what I'm trying to do to get federal income tax credit for volunteer firefighters. I've got to seriously lobby congress for this and I need all of the volunteer (and paid too) firefighters/EMS posting their support to my forum about this and some of the other things to help twist political arms to do something that should have been done a long time ago. These tax credits will prove to help with the recruitment/retention of volunteer firefighters and we all know that we're short-handed and need new recruits, because our numbers are dwindling.

I'll appreciate all of the support and letter writing you do, because as we all know from just getting grants, you've got to twist political arms and tweak noses to get their attention to give us what we need to just do the job.

Will Griffin