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    Default You Can Help A Fellow Volunteer...

    I am calling upon my many friends here to show their support for one of my firefighters.
    Matt Olson has been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. With this type of MS, there are no periods of remission. It is also characterized by gradual progression. There may be periods of leveling off of disease activity and there will be good/bad days. This type also attacks the spinal cord but will migrate to the brain.
    Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis affects 10 to 15 percent of all MS patients.
    I was chief of department when Matt got on. He came to us from another department, so I asked that chief about Matt. He told me that Matt was a real ďcowboyĒ and to keep an eye on him.
    Well, I kept an eye on Matt and what I saw was someone totally committed to our cause, someone who would hump hose, overhaul and clean up when we got back into quarters. He helped out at every fundraiser that we held. He made all of the meetings and was in the top ten for training hours every year.
    We took a couple of road trips together and if you didnít know how to take him, you might think that he was opinionated. He was one of our work horses.
    Thatís why it is so emotional for me to see how this disease is taking that away from him. His motor skills are rapidly disappearing. He needs to steady himself against something when he stands, his gait is very slow and stiff and it is going to worsen.
    I know that it is killing him that he canít be more active, but he is going to remain with us, because the support is what he needs.
    In February, 2006, we will stage a benefit for Matt; not so much to raise money, though he will need it, but more to let him know that we love him, support him and will be with him always. He loves being a firefighter and in my mind, he always will be.
    What I am asking you to do is to send me your words of encouragement and hope, so I can pass them to Matt. It would mean a lot to us.
    And if youíre interested in helping in any other way, such as sending a department patch for the quilt we're making, you can let me know that, too.
    You can email me at rockysroom@winco.net.
    Thank you.
    ChiefReason aka Art Goodrich
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    Thought I'd reply over here, bump this new thread up a bit.

    CR I just sent you a PM on IACOJ with a message for Matt.

    Please everyone with a heart, show Matt the meaning of BROTHERHOOD and help out with a patch or message.

    I was so touched when PFire put out a plea to the crusties when I was sick and facing gallbladder surgery a few years ago. It was incredibly moving to receive all those messages of friendship and support. Please do the same for Matt. He's your brother firefighter, if you can do it for me, a civilian you can do it for him! Please.
    September 11th - Never Forget

    I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

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    Wow...I was moved reading that. I wish Matt the best, as well as you guys. I know it is devistating to him to have to sit on the sidelines now and I know it must be hard to not have him around like you want to. Just another reminder of why civilians may call it a fire stations but we call it our fire house...because its family...and your family is hurting, best of luck and best wishes.
    This we do so others may live

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