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    Student Faces Charges After Allegedly Urinating In School Ice Machine

    Carlisle, KY (AP) -- A Nicholas County High School student was suspended after he was accused of urinating in an ice machine that at least 31 people got ice from before the incident was reported.

    Ben Buckler, chief of police for Nicholas County Schools, said another student dared the boy, who told officials he relieved himself in the ice machine in the gymnasium lobby just before physical education class Wednesday.

    School law officials say charges will be filed, although officials were still trying to decide Thursday what to charge him with.

    He was suspended for 10 days, pending an expulsion hearing.

    Other students witnessed the incident, but it wasn't reported to Principal Doug Bechanan until Thursday morning. By the time the machine was taken out of service, some students and staff had taken ice from the machine.

    School officials contacted the Department of Public Health in Frankfort.

    "They said it was gross and morally wrong but not a health risk," Buckler said.

    Health officials said urine is sterile because the body has its own filtering system. If any bacteria did make it through, the ice's temperature would have killed it.

    But some students, parents and staff remained worried.

    The Nicholas County School Board is picking up doctor bills "to ease the minds" of those who were exposed and want to be checked out anyway
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    That's just sick and disgusting.
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    Dont eat the yellow ice....

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    That kid probably needs a little extra homework if he can't find enough to keep himself out of trouble.
    My Uncle told me how he got into trouble after using the excuse"I didn't have anything to do,Mr.Headmaster" and that he had to do calculus in study hall after that.

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    Make him wear a foley catheter for two weeks around in school. Bag must be out in display.
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    Other students witnessed the incident
    He should have some company with the suspension time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanEMVFD
    Make him wear a foley catheter for two weeks around in school. Bag must be out in display.
    Thanks Ryan, now I have to clean off my keyboard from the coffee I was drinking. That is a great idea though. A regular foley though, no Texas Cath.
    What goes on in kids' heads these days (granted I'm not much older..)? I never would have thought "gee, I'm bored...I'm gonna go pee in the ice machine..."
    I've run a few EMS calls to my old high school, and I'm amazed at the attitude/activites of the kids there. You now have to get buzzed in, whereas when I was there, the doors were wide open. Just recently 7th, 8th graders got busted with enough pot to get charged with intent to distribute...ON SCHOOL PROPERTY!
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    Fill his jock with the said ice and make him wear it for a while.

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