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    Default Yet another "Can we do this?" thread

    As some of you may already know - my VFD was funded via AFG for 20 new sets of turnout gear. Since the time of the application we have had a "decline" in membership and no longer really *need* 20 sets of gear.

    This leads me to my next "bright idea"

    Since I never even thought about a Washer/Extractor when I wrote the grant, would the AFG look kindly on an amendment to drop a # of sets of gear & use the funds to then purchase an Extractor.

    Also - if the answer is in the affirmative - anyone who got funded for an extractor care to share spec's, cost, and sources ??

    Thanks in advance.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    I don't see why not, but it will probably be dealt with as two pieces: one to drop the number of sets, the 2nd to purchase the washer with the $5K of leftovers. Don't see why both won't happen. No sense in buying gear to just sit in the station.

    Of course you do have 12 months to spend the money, so you could always hang off on buying that stuff until closer to the end of the 12 months just in case you get some new bodies.

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    I would be looking at finding those new recurits to fill that gear!
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