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    Default 1922 Ahrens Fox Question

    I was looking for some help on a 1922 Ahrens Fox. It has a 1936 Hercules motor and is in need of a new master cylinder. This is for a neighboring department and I told them I will try to help. Any help would be appreciated!! Try not to get too technical because I am not much of a gearhead. Thanks!

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    Jake- we've had our differences, but when someone is in need of repairs/services/parts for an antique, thats where the BS stops and I help out.

    1. Many times, except in rare cases, parts like master cylinders, starter motors, clutches, etc. are made by other mfrs, not necessarily Ahrens Fox as in this case. If I had to guess, I would venture that this cyl. is a Bendix or Ford.

    2. Are they sure it needs a new one? Many times, master cylinders can be rebuilt. Verify that a new one is needed, or can they do with a REBUILD kit? They can most likely hone out the cylinder with a good quality stone/hone set, -OR- install a new sleeve (after extracting the old sleeve if it has a removable one.) Then, a new piston assembly can be installed.

    If they absolutely need a new one, or for the rebuild kit, try TRENTON BRAKES first. They are in Trenton, NJ. Telephone 609-989-8600. Tell your friends to try and see if the cyl. they have now has a make/model number cast into the housing.

    Also try these resources for rare/hard to find brake parts:

    -Power Brake X-Change, Inc. 336 Lamont Place, Pittsburgh Pa 15232. 414-441-5729 or 800-580-5729

    -E & G Dapp Enterprises, 415 Hykes Mill Rd. Manchester Pa. 717-266-5050

    -White Post Restorations, PO Drawer D; Old Car Drive White Post Va. 22663 540-837-1140 www.whitepost.com

    If they choose to rebuild it themselves, BE SURE TO REMIND THEM, that when rebuilding ANY components of a brake system where fluid may come in contact with a rebuilt surface (IE steel lines, cylinder walls, etc) that they must be sure NEVER to use any commercial cleaning solvents or degreasers! ONLY USE RUBBING ALCOHOL!!!! If the assembly in question is extremely dirty, use LOTS of alcohol NUMEROUS TIMES!

    Hope this helps. I had good luck with Trenton Brakes when I needed brake parts for my '58 FWD.
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