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    Default Scott NxG2 Problems Anyone?

    OK, my department has taken delivery ok 12 Scott NxG2 4500 45min carbon-fiber cylinder, buddy breather, and voice amplified AirPaks. We haven't yet got to use them in fire situations yet, but we know that that day is approaching us unfortunately. The problems we have been having during training and maintenance is the buddy-breather belt brackets are breaking, tanks are slowly leaking air, batteries aren't lasting for the 6 month period, we have 1 pak that is totally down at the moment, the internal computer will not boot up with new batteries. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having problems, and issues that we are not facing yet, that we might in the future. Some of the members have talked about if problems continue to return the airpaks for msa but its just a rumor, wonder if there is any pros and cons to that.

    Feel free to comment on the NxG2 Problems and what you think about replacement.

    Hope someone can help, or fill us in on current problems.


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