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    Quote Originally Posted by Nail200
    Fire fighters are charged with protecting life and property. They are fully aware of the potential concequences relating to insurance companies, property owners, residence, and first responders. Fire fighters should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and treated harshly for committing arson.
    In true "eat our own young fashion" I believe the penalties should be more severe for Firefighters. For all the reasons Naill indicates above. We know what its alll about and we face the dangers, putting other Firefighters at risk for kicks or whatever deserves a big freakin blanket party.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coldfront
    Lets not make this a volly / paid issue.This case happens to vollys many or not!

    I remember a couple federal firefighters arsons along with some city career guys also in the recent pass.The statement of the prosecutor is whats troubles me as much as the firefighters.
    I don't want to believe that this would ever be a Career vs. Volunteer Issue but think about something what types of organizations are we constantly reading about either here on FH.com or other publications regarding firefighter arson ?

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    Unhappy wow tough crowd

    If the five years is of JAIL than that is a long time for property crime.
    If the five years isn't supervised than they got off way easy.

    Forgive me if I am wrong but don't most states make it mandatory for persons with a criminal record to report that to prospective employers.

    Imagine never getting a good job again for the rest of your life.
    That is a guarantee that people will choose to continue acting outside the law, and harming society.

    Ya they created a situation where FF's might be at risk.

    Don't know about you but vacant buildings on fire aren't much more than practice or a nuisance call.

    I do do a criminal record check for all new recruits. Don't forget that there are WAY more Volly's the full time FF's. There will be more incedents of every kind with the Volly's.

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    Berwyn, Are you suggesting that a vacant building fire does not pose a threat to firefighters. Are there vagrants inside? Is it a 3 story mill, possible exposures? I am not sure of what you mean, however if you are suggesting that a vacant building is not or should not be a danger to firefighters, you are wrong. Although there are some things that we may be able to do different, it does not matter we still have a job to be done, a job that comes with many inherent dangers. Yes we may be able to eliminate some of them with a vacant building, however there are some that we can not. Could you live with having a fire that may be very controlable upon arrival, but make the decision to go totaly defensive and a vagrant inside (possibly more than 1, possibly children) dies. Now that I write that it makes me wonder maybe it is just neighbor hood kids that started a small fire and are now not able to make it out, could you live with the decision to write them off when you have a possible controlable fire but instead decide it is a vacant building lets just go defensive. If I am taking what you stated wrong please tell me and this is just another of my pointless rants, however if you did mean it as taken give me some justification of your view.

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    I locked up a FF who had set three fires. Caught him after there was an accelerated fire on the exterior of a house that had been "vacant" (for sale) for some time, but had been recently sold and re-occuppied.

    He kind of gave himself away when we had the company come back to the house and we were interviewing the victims. His knees buckled when he walked up. Took about three minutes to get a confession.

    It was particularly offensive in that he used gasoline and flares from the fire house. All three fires were within walking distance to the fire house. Had a K9 track from the scene to the fire house, however, the dog couldn't pronounce the actor's name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeWendtCFI
    , however, the dog couldn't pronounce the actor's name.

    I hate when that happens.
    There goes the neighborhood.

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