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    Default University of Nevada at Reno

    Going next week to attend the Flammable liquids firefighting class at UNV at Reno in Elko Nevada. If anyone has attended the class I could use info about the class and any info else you could share

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    Great class. The academy is around 25-30 miles from hotels. Take old extra clothes to use during burn days. The fuel they burn stinks. Take plastic bags to put it in for the trip home. I had a great time. Spent a little bit of money in casinos, but learned a lot and meet many folks from around the country.

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    Default Reno


    - did you attend UNLV on the grnat program?

    by the way
    CON ED - NY here

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    Just a few quick notes-

    -It is very COLD out here right now. Bring some warm clothes.
    -The Mustang Ranch off of highway 80 is closed, but the "Old Bridge Ranch" down the road is still open. Use the Mustang off ramp just outside the City of Sparks.

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    I went in October of this year. It was a lot of fun and very informational. I assume you are already there, but I will post this anyway. The stockmen's hotel sucks, so I hope you are not staying there.

    Go to the Red Lion...GREAT buffet, good gaming, and nice looking cocktail waitresses.

    The blackjack table at the Stockmen's does pay pretty well and is a great place for beginners.

    The Prime Rib at the Commercial Casino is good and cheap.

    With the hotel providing breakfast, and the UNR feeding you lunch, you end up with a decent amount of firebucks left over at the end of the week. On Thursday night, the Stockmen's was accepting firebucks in their bar!

    I have the Star is a good place to eat, but I did not get the chance to eat there.

    The girl that teaches one of the classes is hot (she is a grad student at UNR, but I have forgotten her name), but the professor from UNR is a nerd. The UNR police chief was not able to make it.

    Everyone gets a chance to be team leader during the evolutions, but you are not forced to if you are "group shy". All jobs are lot of work though, and you have to work together.

    Your evolutions start out easy enough, but get increasingly complex and difficult as the week progresses up to the last day when you have fire on three levels (all I will say).

    The fuel is not the only odor, the water is recycled and can look like watered down milk. It will make your clothes smell, but not real bad. YOU WILL GET WET!

    If you have not gone yet, which I just looked at the schedule and I don't think you have, email me at mwarnick@co.macon.il.us and I will tell you more if you are interested.

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    Great facility. As was said, make sure you have several trash bags to bring your gear home in, and be prepared for delays at airport security if you're flying. I was there as a part of a 30 or so person group from a refinery, and I think every one of us had our gearbags set off the detectors at the security screen.

    The props are challenging, but a lot of fun, and pretty much cover the gamut of different petrochemical processing systems. The tri-level, which is usually the "final project" evolution, is definitely a lot of work (takes a lot of coordination), but is a lot of fun. Here's our "class photo" on the tri-level (I'm the one in the dark blue at the upper right corner)

    The Star, which SWFD94 mentioned, is a great Basque restaurant in the older part of town. Its a family-style place, so best to go with a group. Definitely worth the wait.

    Have fun!
    Chris Gaylord
    Emergency Planner / Fire Captain, UC Santa Cruz FD

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