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    Question Red Flag Warning Question?

    Kentucky's red flag warning criteria is listed below.
    Does this differ from state to state or fuel types.What is the criteria for you area.

    Red Flag Criteria for Kentucky

    10 Hr. Fuel Moisture <= 8%


    Relative Humidity <= 25%


    Winds >= 15 mph

    Fire Weather Watch

    Above conditions are expected tomorrow or up to 3 days in the future.

    Red Flag Warning

    Above conditions are occurring now or are expected within 4 hours.

    Heads Up!

    Red Flag Warnings
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    Default What red flag???

    For us rednecks here in the sticks. its broke down in to levels. never been under a red flag. Are forest service works close with local vfd"s and ever day we get an update on the levels. But i know what your talking about, and in arkansas its >30 humid and >40 dupoint. and long term precip defer. Right now were under high level. and ive been at 2 wild land fire already today. Its getting really bad dry here in arkansas.

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    Default Rockies

    A Red Flag Warning informs agencies of the imminent or actual occurrence of Red Flag conditions.

    A Red Flag Warning will be issued when there is high confidence that Red Flag criteria will be met within the next 24 hours, or when those criteria are already being met or exceeded. A warning may be issued for all, or portions of a fire weather zone or region.

    A Fire Weather Watch alerts agencies to the high potential for development of a Red Flag event in the 12-72 hours. A watch may only be issued (or continued) in the first 12-hour time period for dry thunderstorm events. The watch may be issued for all, or portions of a fire weather zone or region.

    a) Criteria – The criteria for issuing of Fire Weather Watches and Red Flag Warnings in the Rocky Mountain Area are a combination of weather andfire danger ratings for any 3 hours or more in a 12 hour period. These criteria are defined as the following:

    1. Fuel characteristics are favorable for large fire growth as determined by land agencies.

    2. Sustained wind or frequent gusts of 25 mph or greater –AND- relative humidity of 15% or lower in Colorado, Wyoming, and western South Dakota, and for Nebraska zones 204, 206, 208-210, and 219. 20% or lower for Nebraska zone 209. 25% or lower for South Dakota zones 255 through 258 and 267 through 273.

    3. Dry thunderstorms (15% coverage or more, constituting an LAL 6)
    Additional Red Flag Factors:

    In addition to the basic criteria above, a combination of other elements may result in Red Flag conditions. Haines Index of 5 or 6, wind shifts associated with cold frontal passages, first significant lightning (wet or dry, 15% coverage of thunderstorms or more) event after an extended hot and dry period, and poor RH recovery.

    Note: The decision to issue a Fire Weather Watch or Red Flag Warning can be difficult and complicated at times. Coordination with neighboring NWS offices and Land Agencies will play a vital role in the final decision.
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    Mtnfireguy has it right for the rocky mountain area. Around here our relative humidity consistently drops into the single didgets during the summer, and 10hr fuel moistures around 5%. Most of our red flag warnings are issued due to wind, and or thunderstorm activity.

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